About us

OUR MISSION - To bring you happiness! To capture the good emotions in life! We will help you to make an unforgettable gift and to surprise your friends or family in a way they never expected!

OUR VIBE - We are a small and young team who love the colorful life and deeply disapprove setting boundaries in any form. We believe that everyone must be free and feel capable of doing what he or she wants. We believe in the unusual, and that is why we decided to focus our skills and powers on art. Because art is magic. It is a universal language. There is no one who does not enjoy the beautiful colors and the whimsical forms.

OUR ESSENCE - The caricatures are super fun, just like us and just like you! The fact that you reached our page shows that your thinking matches ours, that you want to get something different, something extraordinary. That is perfect, because we have a lot to offer you! Not only the caricatures are pretty unique, but they are suitable for every occasion! You can give a caricature as a present for a birthday, wedding, anniversary, engagement, retirement and many more events. All we want is you to bring as much joy as possible to your significant other, your relatives or your colleagues.