Cancellation Policy

Because work on your order begins almost immediately, we charge your credit card as soon as we receive your order. Refunds are dependent on the costs incurred at the time you change or cancel your order. Below is the approximate timing of when we incur costs. We will make this calculation at the time of the change/cancellation and will not charge you if we have not incurred the cost so call or email..

Artwork Creation

- Orders cancelled BEFORE the artist begins work (normally within 24 hours from order) - 100% refund.

- Orders cancelled AFTER our artist has started but BEFORE shipment - 100% of print and frame (or canvas) related, 100% of shipping, and 40% of the artwork creation price will be refunded.


Because this is completely custom artwork and the fact that we don't ship until after you approve the Proof, there are no cancellations or refunds after shipping. We of course will replace anything that is not what was approved, is defective, or has been damaged in shipping as long as it is reported up to 10 days after product delivery.