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Our Team

It is said that creative people are a little bit bizarre. Perhaps this is true. We are all different and filled with eccentric and bizarre ideas. We see opportunities everywhere, and no limits can be placed before our creative soul.

Caricatoore is a world for artworks in the funny dimension of the caricature. We create high quality caricatures and cartoons for every occasion, entirely from your idea. We use your favorite photo and we redesign it into a work of art. 


We know that great ideas sometimes are difficult to execute. We - the artists from Caricatoore - accepts your challenge. Our goal is to draw your idea, no matter how complicated it seems to you. We will give it a funny look and color. This way, you will be able to surprise your family and friends with a great, creative and completely personalized gift.

There are no limitations! You want a person with a clown hat, riding a flying tortoise, which is smoking a cigarette? Why not? We will draw this for you. Challenge us!

And if you don't have the time or you are just not in the mood for creative thoughts, don’t worry, we have a bunch of ideas to choose from.

You can also contact us to help you clarify your idea and to give you some advice so you can receive a caricature which is as close to what you wish for.


Our caricatures are hand-drawn on a digital tablets from professional artist on a world-class level. It has fine details and vivid colors. 

What we need are photos of you in high quality that we can use for the drawing process. We combine your idea with the imagination of our artists and their professionalism. Now give us a SMILE! And there you go - a wonderful caricature!

Now surprise a close friend with this unique present! It is suitable for all occasions and holidays - birthdays, wedding, graduation, retirement, interesting event, an adventure or just for fun.

Our job might be filled with lots of smiles, but we guarantee serious attitude and responsibility when we take your order. You can trust our trained team and feel satisfied with your choice.